GVD was born from a dream.

Yes, from a dream.

After the adrenaline we felt the first time we dived in Australia, we were convinced that this experience was something we would like to repeat. That day, we knew that our path was going to change and that a new great adventure was about to begin. Soon, we were embarking on a diving trip through Southeast Asia. We remember that day in 2012 as if it were yesterday, when we did our first dive in Thailand. We would be lying if we said that all that impressed us was the clarity of the water; or the marine life. Something more impacted us:


The experience

The lead up to submerging, the descent together in a group, the sensation of flying, no longer subject to gravity. The infinite smiles we share after ascending, and that great joy that extends until the next day. All this convinced us of two things: the first was that we wanted to dedicate ourselves to diving. The second, that we did not want to just dive, we wanted to share with the whole world what we had felt that day, complete happiness.

That’s how we started. We left our old lives behind, we become professionals and we began to dream of creating our own experience. That is how, in 2016, our school Good Vibes Diving (GVD) was born, with the intention of sharing the true essence of diving: the happiness it brings.

As we said, it started like a dream. Today, we do not want to wake up.



Good Vibes Diving is located in the center of Playa Del Carmen in 6th(Calle 6), between 15th and 20th Avenue (Avenida 15 y 20). Our dive center is located inside the beautiful Sayab hostel which allows us the opportunity to have everything you might want within reach - a bed, a meal, and of course diving.

We also have a swimming pool, which allows us to do our confined water practice right here at home. What else could we ask for?

Sayab Hostel

Our partner location, Sayab Hostel, is the perfect choice if you are searching for a travel-friendly environment during your stay in Playa Del Carmen. The hostel offers dorms as well as private rooms. Breakfast is included in your stay, and common areas include a beautiful swimming pool and bar area.

Most evenings you have the option of trying one of their chef’s speciality dishes, cooked on a traditional Argentinian barbeque.


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