Discover Scuba Diving

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the underwater world? if you want to realize that dream and you are not certified, this is the perfect experience for you! We guide you to discover it in two amazing dives, reaching a maximum depth of 12 meters and using a personalized group system. (Minimum age 10 years old)

1 day (from 10 AM until 5 PM)

$ 120 USD

ALL included:
  • 2 Dives at the Reef or Cenotes
  • Theory + pool session
  • Professional PADI instructor
  • Full equipment
  • Photos & videos!
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Are you interested to became a certified diver?

As a new diver the PADI open water diver course is perfect opportunity.

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Whale Shark Encounter

Season June until September

You will have the remarkable opportunity to snorkel and swim with this friendly giant, in a beautiful area bustling with sea life and even sometimes manta rays. Despite its imposing size, whale sharks are completely harmless and peaceful creatures. (Minimum age 8 years).

Full day excursion.

$ 180 USD

ALL included:
  • Snorkel and swim with the whale sharks
  • Full snorkel equipment
  • Professional Certified Guide
  • Lunch
  • A/C mini van transportation
  • Fully equipped and comfortable boat with shaded area

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Snorkel Trip

You don’t need to be a diver to enjoy the incredible coral reefs. Snorkelling the reef in Playa Del Carmen is an amazing experience. The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean make snorkelling an exciting and unforgettable adventure. (Snorkelling does not require special training, only the ability to swim).

Morning snorkelling from 8.30 AM until 12 PM
Afternoon snorkelling from 12.00 AM until 4.30 PM

$ 49 USD

ALL included:
  • PADI Instructor/Divemaster
  • Full snorkel equipment
  • Snack
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